CNC Deep Hole Drilling Gun Drilling

Greer Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to be one of the limited select group of CNC Gundrilling Facilities located in the United States.

At Greer, the process of Deep Hole Drilling utilizes the most accurate, state-of-art CNC Multi Spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machines. Only the finest European Gun Drills are purchased to assure our customers of the highest standards of accuracy and superior finish. Our CNC Processes allow us to vary speeds and feeds at anytime during the drilling cycle. Plus we are capable of controlling the depths of the blind holes to ±.002

Greer Mfg., Inc. has developed techniques in CNC Gundrilling that have surpassed our competitor's standards. Greer believes every gundrilled part has an optimum process that will consistently meet our customer's demands.

A partial list of our capabilities

  • .045 Dia x 5½" Dp
  • .063 Dia x 9" Dp
  • .078 Dia x 12" Dp
  • .100 Dia x 14" Dp
  • .125 Dia x 15" Dp
  • 1/8 Dia to ½ Dia 17" Dp

Swiss Turning Centers Lathes

We, at Greer Manufacturing, Inc are proud to say that our Swiss Turning department is one of the finest in the country. Our choice of Citizen Cincom machines, the most accurate in the world, enable us to offer our customers flexibility... one part to a million parts.

At Greer, we are constantly pushing the machining limits to search for new and inventive ways to serve our customers. We are proud to say that our machining equipment is second to none. The new Citizen Cincom Swiss Turning Centers, with automatic magazine bar loaders runs 24/7 - for the highest quality machining of:

Stainless Steel-Titanium-Aluminum-Brass-Plastics


  • 0 to ¾" capacity
  • Parts up to 12 Ft Long
  • 10,000 RPM
  • 1,500 PSI Coolant
  • 9 Axis
  • Extremely close tolerances

Because Greer Mfg uses only the best quality tooling, any or all of your machining requests can be met with complete satisfaction. We have applied years of CNC knowledge for a tradition of excellence... always exceeding our customers' expectations.

CNC Machining Centers

Discover why Greer's Mori Seiki Machining Centers can assure you of excellence and accuracy.

At our facility, we can accommodate a part in the range of 33" x 18" x 20" weighing up to 500 Ibs. Our state of the art CNC Machining Centers have a 4th Axis Capability allowing us to do something as simple as indexing a part or as complex as machining a cam.

It is our goal to manufacture products that satisfy our customers' varying needs with 100% quality, plus on time deliveries.

CNC Turning Centers
Greer Manufacturing, Inc.
The leader in precision machining...

High Speed Multi-axis Mori Seiki Turning Centers
With Capabilities Of Turning Up To 8" Dia X 24" Long

Major Features Include:

  • Accuracy Tolerance .0001
  • Extremely Fast
  • 3 Axis Simultaneous Machining
  • 1000 PSI Coolant Pressure
  • LNS Bar Feeder

Our state of the art manufacturing facility assures our customers of stringent quality control from raw material to the finished product. By monitoring the changing needs of our customers and the industry, Greer can employ the latest technologies for precision machining.

Wire EDM

24 Hour production runs allow Greer Manufacturing, Inc to meet the Demands and Satisfaction of our Customers

At Greer Mfg, Wire EDM has become an intricate part of our machining process. Because of their accuracy and productivity, we can assure our customers of the highest quality parts in a timely manner.

The Wire EDM machines have 5 axis capabilities and are able to run wire sizes .004 to .012 Dia.

With our vast knowledge of today's Wire EDM, which includes submersible cutting, plus the world's fastest auto threader, combined with large spool capability, enables Greer Mfg, Inc to remain a step ahead of this industry.

If you have been searching for superior quality and excellence in machining, you have finally found us... Greer Manufacturing, Inc.

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